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The Beltheron Pathway

             Welcome to The Beltheron Pathway 
Read the opening chapters of 'The Beltheron Pathway'.
Read an extract from volume two, 'The Beltheron Select' 
  Synopsis and extract from volume three 'The Beltheron Darkness'!
        cover select 3         Beltheron Darkness

Jack Anders goes to spend the summer at his aunt and uncle’s house. He soon begins to have strange, frightening visions. The life Jack knows is about to be torn away from him. He and his cousin Helen find themselves caught up in a desperate struggle on the two worlds of Beltheron and Atros.


The evil Gretton Tur, Wild Lord of Atros, has returned from exile by opening up the forbidden pathways between worlds.  He is now ready to wreak havoc and destruction.  His dreaded Rish hunters have already travelled the pathway to Beltheron – and Earth is next!


An ancient lore-master and a brave young warrior inform Jack and Helen that they possess abilities that can defeat the Wild Lord’s plans. But they must act quickly. An unknown traitor has betrayed them; the Rish know where they are and soon the chase is on…
 'A thrilling mystery adventure book' - Keiran, age 11 
 'A spine chilling sure-fire hit!' - Jessica, age 11
 'My daughter read your book from cover to cover in the same day - she's begging me to buy the sequel' - Parent, Halstead School
'Compelling.' - Connor, Y6
Now available on Kindle!
                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR 

Chris Connaughton trained as an actor and has worked in all sorts of theatres and arts centres up and down the country.  He has performed as Hamlet, Romeo and Macbeth, as well as Widow Twanky, the Mad Hatter and Mr Spoon on Button Moon! His television credits include Byker Grove, The Tide of Life, The Man Who Cried, Tales from the Piano, Call Red, Throwaways and Harry.

In 1997 he set up Intext Performance to write and produce stories and plays for children. He now presents over 120 performances every year in schools throughout the UK. Chris has also performed in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Russia, Romania, China, Japan and South Korea. He has written (and co-written with Paul Harman) more than 15 stories and 6 plays. 
In 2009 he directed Macbeth for Theatre Hullabaloo.
Chris has just finished writing a play for the new Berry Theatre in Hedge End, Southampton. 'Strawberries and Steam' will be performed in  March this year. He is currently working on ideas and plotlines for the next Beltheron book.


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