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Reviews and comments

Here are some comments about the books. It has been lovely and extremely exciting to get the feedback from everyone. If you would like to review the book, you can send your comments on the contact page  Or you can let your friends know about the books through Twitter. Just  here!
'Compelling.' - Connor, Y6
'If you want one of the best reads ever, just read the Beltheron Books.' - Ben, aged 10
'I read this book 24/7. I can't wait to read book 2.' - Annabelle, Y6
'I really liked how real things were mixed up with fantasy. It made me feel like I wanted to be in the book.' - Noah, Y6
'This was a fantastic, gripping fantasy which I couldn't put down. The story was so compelling that at the end of each chapter I was left thinking what happens next?' - Anna, Y6
'A creepy tale for ghastly kids.' - Rachael, age 10
'A spine chilling sure-fire hit!' - Courtney, age 11
'A thrilling style of science fiction, a sidestepping fantasy into another world you've never seen before.' - Erin, age 11
'If you would like a thrilling and exciting story don't move any further because here it is.' - Megan, age 10
'A thrilling mystery adventure book.' - Keiran, age 11
'Warning, you won't be able to stop reading!' - Lewis, age 10
'A mind blowing thriller.' - Jessica, age 11
'I finished this at three in the morning - and it was the middle of SATS week!' - Jayne, Y6 teacher.
'It is part of our literacy for next term and our new class reader. The children have been so excited by it.' - Janet, Y5 teacher.


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